Hi! I'm Brandy.
Owner + Artist

I design and paint one-of-a-kind earrings for people who love to go bold and bright with their accessory choices.


Beyond being gorgeous and super fun to create, my earrings represent my desire to normalize difference and make more room for everyone to live their best life. This is why no two earrings I create are exactly the same and everyone has the chance to curate their perfect pair. I love seeing the different ways people create a pair and what they mix and what they match on style, shape, and finish.

When I’m not painting, sanding, or packing earrings, you can find me watching talent reality tv with Brent (my amazing partner in both life and biz), giving a Classic B pep talk to a friend, or watching Reels about how to “hack” my own neurodivergent brain.

I love connecting with people so don't be shy to reach out on IG or email!

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