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This is where you'll find all of the goodness that is my body of work.
Whether it's my art, my writing, little messages to soothe your soul, or any random thing my creative brain demands I make - you'll be able to find it here.

I’ve officially unsubscribed to the belief that I have to do One Thing to be successful in self-employment.
No matter how many times I hear this advice.
No matter how hard I try to follow it.
It just doesn’t work for me.

So, instead, I’m doing what does.

Let’s reject the concept of One Right Way.


We humans are way too complex for such narrow definitions.  


We don't have to live by rules, hot takes, or otherwise sound advice that simply doesn’t work for us. 


Define your personal measures of a well-lived life.

Follow the curiosities of your weird, little heart.

Expand into your own, gorgeous complexity.

These words above came to me as an invitation originally addressed from me to me. You are absolutely welcome to the party!


This is about so much more to me than how I live.  It's about the world I want to live in. 

One where our differences are celebrated rather than ranked.
Where there’s room for all of us and all of us.


I believe deeply that the first step in creating this reality is making room for ourselves.

For the fullness of our humanity.
For all of the things that make us brilliantly unique individuals.

Normalize being exactly who you are.
Normalize each of us living life in our own way.

Normalize difference.